Family Offices

Attract more business opportunities with detailed in-depth investment analysis that your clients expect. Understand the exposure of your portfolio and align them with your client's requirements. 

Challenges Faced By family offices

Need For A Holistic View Of The Portfolio

It is essential to have a unified platform combined with an wealthtech ecosystem can elevate your portfolio management experience and enrich customer experience.

Need For Customized Reports

Analytics is the key for better financial planning.Thus it is to get customized reports as well as combined reports of all asset classes for clear investment insights.

Need For A Secured Login

The security and safety of portfolios comprising of highly sensitive data is a constant concern. Thus is vital to embrace the standard security measures of the industry.

Need For Consolidation Of Diverse Portfolios

Investment advisors and investors still rely on archaic ways of portfolio monitoring via spreadsheets which is time consuming and prone to manual error.

We take care of your needs so that you can focus on the bigger picture

Explore Solutions To Boost Your Productivity.


Consolidate your global investment portfolio on a single platform.


Get descriptive analytics of your investment portfolio to gain deep insights of your investments.


Get portfolio reporting, and choose from various definitive to generate customized reports.

Market Data From Leading Providers

Get access to market updates from the industry’s leading market data providers.

Bank Compare

Analyze your investment threshold across various banks and get investment insights.

Structure Product Analytics

Maximize your returns by gaining structured product analytics on our dashboard.

White Labeling

Brand the reports through your brand name and easily send reports to customers.

Data Security

A secured platform certified with ISO 27001. Sit back and be assured for your data.

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Understand the benefits of automation that help drive your business

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